The DOTS are creative variations on colouring books.

You do not paint the DOTS but you make dots. Using different size of coloured dots on the special foam rollers and peral-watercolours and printing them on prepared outlins you create a unique picture. Each dot is different, so it always results in an original work of art.

Why are the DOTS unique?

They develop fine motor activity of children (and adults)

They start children's creativity in top swing

They teach children to use colour potential

They train deliberate concentration

They help you relax and relieve from stress

They entertain young and older children, parents and grandparents

The DOTS are about entertaining and teaching

Yellow with blue create green, but how about yellow with black? What happens, if you add a little of red? Colours, their tones and combinations are the one great kingdom which every little adventurer needs to experience personally.

The world of the DOTS knows no bounds

Due to the DOTS you can explore the African jungle, wander to the world of colourful parrots, discover the magic of the underwater world or just try basic characteristics of shapes. You can make your little artists happy several times.

Make dots as a professional

Mix the colours!

Try to cover a coloured dot with another one of different colour. It results in a completely new tone.

Play with shades!

After wetting, each next dot is lighter than the previous one.

Burn the limits!

In the world of the DOTS you can draw over. Make dots even outside the marked shapes. Let your imagination run wild.

Be creative!

Use coloured pencils and finish the picture with them, play and try new possibilities. Just have a fun.

„The DOTS are the fresh new wind and brilliant idea in one.“
blog Princ a Večernice


We use for their manufacturing the eco-friendly processes only. We matter our children and next generations to grow up in the healthy environment.


Health of our children is the most important thing to us. Used materials are one hundred percent harmless and their quality does not know any compromise.

They are about entertaining and developing

We believe that the game and learing should go together. Therefore our toys are not only enjoyable but they also support children's creativity, motoric activity and fantasy.

Genuine craft

We appreciate genuine craftsmanship. We do a large part of production locally and manually, so we breath the soul into our toys.

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